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Reparations - Lawrence watson

Reparations (The Repair)

Lawrence Watson



Twenty-Two million black victims of Americanism are waking up (Malcolm X)

People are looking over to the United States of America today they are wondering what are we doing about this problem (Martin Luther King)

Well you and I have been sitting long enough and it time to day for us to start doing some standing

(Malcolm X)

That's the Price that The United States must pay (Martin Luther King)

There's freedom for everybody or freedom for Nobody (Malcolm X)

We must act now (Martin Luther King)

We've been the poor, and the used and the disdained and abused

DWB: Driving While Black

WWB: Walking While Black

SWB: Standing While Black



Verse 1

Don't think I've forgotten

What you've done to me

Bombings, Castrations, lynchings, killings

Are part of my reality.

This just can't go on

I won't be your slave

Butler, Nanny, Negro, quick trade,

Driver, or your maid

I want my land without your urban plan

The promise was made

Now it's time to be paid



We want reparations

For the african nation.

No more deliberation.

We’re losing our patience


Verse 2-Lead

Can't you see I'm determined

to be free?

We shed too many tears

Over the years.

Don't give me your lies.

I still have my pride.

All the hell you raise

Still my people do survive.

I know we can turn our nation around

Pay your debt with interest

And a new Black Nation will resound




Is compensation

For the humiliation.

Degradation of our nation



We will be free

No longer in poverty

One God! One Aim! One Destiny!

(Soon we'll all be free!)



It's time for healing to take place in the land

Too many have given their lives for the dream

(Soon we'll all be free!)

It's time for us to become one nation

Charity starts at home

Do it for our children Do it for our Future

(Soon we'll all be free!)


I’ve known rivers, (Free!)

and I have climbed Mountains (Free!)

I've walked in the Valleys (Free!)


My feets is tired  (Free!)

But my soul is rested  (Free!)

But I will never never, never, never  turning back



We want Reparations

for the African Nation.




It’s time to turn this around. Over a million Black men in prison and the rest of us under some form of house arrest.



We want Reparations

for the African Nation.


40 acres.

40 acres.

40 acres

40 acres and a mule!

Repeat as desired

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