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"Oh I am classically trained"--Colonized puppet

"Really in what areas The Blues, Stride piano, Ragtime,??"- literate Black person

"I have four degrees and I have sung on some of the finest stages in the world" Colonized person

"Wow we will have to share notes. I just returned from a world Tour and we played all the great houses, and honey they could not get enough of the Blues, that is all they kept yelling. I have been gone for a year....Now how many dates did you say you played last year featuring Bach and Mozart etc?"

Europeans do not have exclusive ownership rights to the term "Classical Music." To say your classically trained is meaningless without clarification. The oldest African Music on the continent was string centered not percussive.

"Ra Ra" if you studied European Classical musical forms. Good for you. Bobby Short, Mahalia Jackson, Louis Armstrong, Mavis Staples, Big Momma Thornton and a host of others were classically trained as well in the folk and music of antiquity that characterises a great portion of our forced journey to the "New World" Young "woke" hip hop musicians refer to the classical period as James Brown and Cab Calloway. Your first badge of honor should be those musical forms we mastered while in chains. Before you lather someone else's "balm" all over your body and mind read and understand your own musical history.

Listening to a European classical radio show last night, some pianist was singing the praises of Oscar Patterson and Mulgrew Miller. The White female host expressed her sadness that he had never got to meet Mulgrew Miller. She said meeting him was like meeting KING KONG.

Michelle Obama was not the only one they called a "monkey.". They also at the height of Jesse Norman's career European magazines depicted her in France as a Fat handkerchief head Mammie and Monkey.

Whether the slow recovery in Puerto Rico, "Tangerine Man -Agent Orange" telling classically trained Negroes to vote for him because "What do you have to loose?" or those who sit in the office next to yours, planning your demise, your degrees and grinning like a monkey has earned you nothing but a cramped seat in coach, some spoiled appetizers and the humiliation of knowing that you have played your part well as a lap dog and all you got was a rejection letter when it really counted the most.

Your salary is lower than your white counterparts, eight to ten years taken off of your life just for being black in America, and your children being intellectually sodomized. They jump higher and the bar keeps being raised, while you pat yourselves on the back when reading about some symbolic promotion of another H.N.I.C.

My people my people ~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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