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Biden is too old, forgetful and a noble man haunted by incredible tragedy in his personal life. All of this together makes him a high risk senior "unfit" to meet the challenges of the United States Presidency. According to the book "Television and the Crisis of Democracy " by Douglas Kellner, there are substantial examples of the alleged incompetence of the late President Ronald Reagan during his last two years in office. He writes:

" Reagan was given cue cards to memorize, and most of his official day was devoted to performance in which he memorized, and most of his official day was devoted to performance in which he would act out the prefabricated script (Mayer and McManus 1988,25ff.) His daily performance was so tightly scripted that even his small talk, jokes and telephone calls were written out in advance and memorized while diagrams and arrows pointed to where Reagan should stand, to whom he should speak and so on."

These kind of former "gaffs "will not fly in this era of an advanced Electronic,social and print media literacy. The current occupier of the White House has ridiculed all of his opponents and their wives. He has always gone below the belt to discredit anyone who opposes him. "Bernie Mack" Saunders will be framed as a "Jewish socialist" by the current occupier in the White and "his" Republican base. Elizabeth Warren, a liberal White female will be eviscerated worse than Hillary Clinton. White women in mass will once again align themselves with their husbands and chant "Lock her up." or "pocahontas back to the reservation" while a few White liberal will cry crocodile tears.

Then there is Kamala Harris who has been stymied by son of the man who occupies the White House condemning this Black woman as not authentically Black enough. Light skinned Cory Booker pales next to our biracial President Barack and his uppity Princeton educated wife/"Trans" first lady Michelle. "His" base as they are referred to do not want any reminders that "monkeys' will ever again occupy the White House. Too soon?

Pete Buttigieg would force the daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) to endure high tea with his White husband the "First Man," as they whisper amongst themselves of the clarion whistle sounded by the late Billy Graham's daughter saying that 9.11 was a punishment from God for America granting rights to Gays and Trans people.

Clearly Brotha Castro knows he can't win because he is too short. Most American Presidents are at least six feet tall. Plus his people are being hunted down and murdered in Walmarts and dance clubs around America. Mexican children are dying trying to swim to Florida. You think "his base" would tolerate these "wetbacks" or children from "shithole" nations playing on the White House Lawn?

Brotha Casto pulled a gangsta move by using his access to identify the the elephant in the room. The Democratic Party should thank him for "discussing the undiscussable." The current occupant in the White House will make "mincemeat" out of Biden if he is chosen to wage the war against racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia, classism,the anti global warming movement, xenophobia,and a host of putrid and insidious responses emanating from the current White House. .

If you find the above narrative offensive, then you will put on your grown folks booty shorts, rub some vaseline on your face and prepare for a bloody fight. Stop wasting our time and start grooming two younger candidates that represent the real America . Call to arms Brown, Black, Straight, Gay and decent America and wage a coalitional battle that will affirm racial, gender and sexual orientation diversity with a candidate we will cast a vote. We won't camouflage their gayness,ethnicity or femaleness. We will leave all that poison acrimony to the Republican party. We will galvanize a party of warriors that will usher out forever the era of White male privilege and domination. If we lose we will celebrate a gallant and noble effort and know that this will be the last election where White men will reign over Womyn, Gays,People of Color Ethics and Whites with some sense.

Lawrence "larry Watson,

Mr. Watson is a Black international recording artists, former dean for the Senior Class in the College of Arts and Sciences and Cornell University, Administrative Dean at The Graduate School of Design at Harvard University,Adjunct Professor of Black Studies at Boston College, Resident Artist at the Charles Hamilton Houston Institute or Race and Justice at The Harvard Law School, and is currently a Professor at Berklee College of Music.


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