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The concept of Jesus, Muhammad, Abraham, and Moses offer us the possibility of what humanity can be. The physical manifestation of these entities is man's feeble attempt to comprehend the vastness of energy in the universe.

I was visited yesterday by first cousins I had lost contact with for ten in some instances twenty years. As soon as we convened, tears flowed because I saw in them me and all my relatives that have transitioned to the other side. Love and genetic sharing make us unique manifestations in the universe. My deceased father is in me every day and so is Jesus whether he existed in the manner in which those with limited capacity can imagine.

The great songwriter Valerie Simpson one of my all-time sheroes wrote about God/ Jesus ---"Just like the wind that keeps blowing--you cannot see it but you feel it in truth." Those who are afraid of death and rendered intellectually impotent by their Western Education, continue to latch on the teachings of Plato and this notion that to be rational is the highest form of intellectual and human development. Our violent and unwanted residence in the "new world" has indoctrinated so many of us to downplay and trivialize our emotional intelligence. Those of us who are still traveling down that "rabbit hole" are generally sufferers of depression, impatience and a level of arrogance because you truly believe it is all about you.

Jesus and what he symbolizes is with me every day. I just need to sing one of those acapella spirituals, even without words and my ancestors and the spirit of truth surround me in my house, office and even when I am contemplating violating one of the covenants we know so well. I am a Nubian King, I am Black, I am from loins of my parents, I am love, I am weak, I am strong all at the same time. I am not imprisoned by dichotomy or Whitewashed Western logic. I can love deeply and I do not have to feel guilty when I interact with someone who shares my DNA and may have been my partner in another life. We never die. The body may wither away but the love and the passion deeply embedded in our being is infinite.

Get over your pontification and go have some Banana Pudding. The shit ain't that damn deep. Jesus, Imhotep, Isis, Moses, Muhammad, are not down with this shit being propagated by Tangerine Man-Agent Orange, these BOOT LEG MINISTERS, and those who have guilted us through these limited social constructions around "race" "gender" "age" "ableism" and "sexual orientation" to focusing on fear as opposed to the purity of love and our vulnerability as mortal human beings trying to maintain physical and mental health.

It is never too late to exercise your brain and reject any spiritual teachings that focus almost exclusively on fear, guilt, and blatant stupidity. God made no mistakes, created science, gave us love, passion and the capacity to make major mistakes without throwing in the towel of life.

Too many of our people, in particular, are so guilt-ridden and a complete mess because they look to empty Bible verses often misquoted or an overzealous flawed understanding of the Book of the Living Dead, they have lost the gift to embrace love. The overt and perverse preoccupation with racism, sexism, homophobia, ageism, and ableism is the primary example of our incapacity to ever see or experience the spirit of GOD and the many angels here to guide us on our journey to the next level. It ain't that deep folks. Just try being transparent and stop beating yourself up. "Come down off the CROSS-- WE NEED THE WOOD." AND, THE PHAROAHS DONT APPRECIATE YOU MISQUOTING THEM.

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