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No Apologies and No Love for Our Tormentors

Rarely do Black men with access to the Electronic, Social and Print Media speak blunt, honest truth. Well-intentioned apologists for a racist system and your way of life-( I won't mention you by name), please read this, listen to Professor Butler and cease posting pontifications on my site/feed, expecting me to sing some tired ass version of "We are the world" or "pardon you" offer you "absolution" for the company you keep.

Despite what smiling, jovial Negroes say to you, they like me walk around with masked pain and unhealed wounds. Sadly many of you, particularly liberals and your chosen palatable friends of color continue to badger or "gift" those Black people you have access to will veiled threats of cutting them off if they do not continue to stroke your pathology. You continually look for "pardons" for the sins of you and your relatives. Your compassion, crocodile tears, allows you to remain silent during this continued reign of terror towards peoples of African descent. You continue to "butter your bread" with our Blackness and maintain your veiled collective contempt for our Black skin. Each day we awake, we endure the wrath of your subtle, as well as blatant assaults on our humanity and few have the courage or any more endurance to resist your rape. So they grin, talk about music and superficial politics and remain your plaything.

I am an Educator and Artist. I observe daily the bowing of my people making excuses for critical thinking Black minds who refuse to betray our continued civil rights struggle for some airline tickets or dinners in places where our ancestors remain in the bowels and backrooms. Some of us awake and are re-galvanized by the comments of Professor Butler, the passing of Toni Morrison, the courage of Paul Robeson and the spirituality of Aretha Franklin.


Lawrence Watson's recording "Kings and Queens"…/song/3325903-kings-and-queens

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