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Bufoonery Clarified by "Tangerine Man-Agent Orange's" Shit Hole Comments

There is a historical manifestation of buffoonery that continues to rear its ugly head in America. It is the primary reason why we should cut "fatback" and "cornbread" out of our diet. It is the clearest tragic example of "post-traumatic slavery disorder." He eloquently represents many of the people I must endure interacting with every day. Though his language may be "country," and as we use to say "Bama", there are many I work with every day that elect to use other adjectives, wear designer labels, hold doctorate degrees, and are not obese but they are equally as abhorrently debased in ignorance of their history, the history of AmeriKKKa and the world.

Some of them are Haitians and other islanders who distanced themselves from African Americans because they embraced the notion that we are lazy and shiftless. Many of them are native-born African Americans who degrade our Caribbean and African brothers and Sisters. Many of them are Latino(a) who believe and identify as Caucasian (White) because it says so on their birth certificate. Many of them are Indian, and Egyptian, and Cape Verdean, and Dominican who use to ignore this level of vitriol because they were convinced it did not apply to them it was only for Black Americans.

Trump made it clear and many Americans agree with him. Some are bold enough to say while others claim amnesia. "WE MAY HAVE COME OVER ON DIFFERENT SHIPS BUT WE ARE ALL IN THE SAME BOAT NOW." WHITE AMERICA SEES ALL OF US AS EMANATING FROM SHIT HOLES. That includes the Indian cab drivers refusing to pick up Blacks passengers at NYC airports. That includes the Dominicans who kicked many Haitians out of their country because they did not see them as their kin. The Haitians were of African Descent and they are of "Indios" descent.--what is that ????. They just made up a term rather than owning their African bloodline. That includes the Central and South Americans who allow people to refer to them as Mulattoes and try to convince me that the term is not racist. That includes the Africans who see me as a member of the lost tribe they refer to as "Niggahs" and the foolish native African Americans who use the "N" word freely while they grab at their "pimple penises". It includes the biracial community that thinks they will be better off if they are separated out and counted as a separate statistic in the census. It includes all the colonized Negroes around the world who remain enamored with anything White and European including who they opt to sleep with.

All this divisiveness amongst peoples of color and White America is steadfast and knows the following: "America is composed of "two nations--one white, one black, separate and unequal." ( The Kerner Commission report after the death of Dr. King.) In the light of public policies in this country and the sentiments of "Tangerine Man- Agent Orange." We are all "niggahs" emanating from "Shit hole" countries and that includes the "gooks", "spics" "towel heads", "sand niggahs" and other defamatory terms used to describe people of color in America and around the world.

What will it take to unite us and to start defining who we are void the racial divide and constructions that they are using to "Make America Great Again."

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