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"Try To Remember"

I am going to hold on to the memories of a time when educators/artists saw their work as sacred and important in raising up a new generation of thinkers/artists with the shared goal of changing the world for better and in the process IF someone gave you a nod for good work, that was enough. But now fake ass opportunist drunk and desperate to be seen wage self-driven ego campaigns elevating themselves to an intellectual and creative status completely unearned. If the times were not so dire it would be hilarious to observe. Those who know better quietly chuckle as they watch this modern day minstrelsy unfold. "Fake news", "Fake Presidents"," Fake Educators", "Fake Politicians","Fake Husbands". "Fake Wives," "Fake Colleges", really? Please, folks, you know realness and genuine talent and solid intellect when you bump into it. Please stop encouraging these Fake ass interlopers cluttering up the airways and our daily walk with their pious cheap attire and simplistic borderline moronic soundbites passing for "profoundness." The next time you run into one of them, let it be our joke or code. Just find a way to invoke Maxine Waters and say "Reclaiming my Time"--weave that into the conversation and then walk away. Please post the circumstances without names so we can all have a big belly laugh.

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