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Stop! Coming For Oprah

Letter to the Editor:

By Charlie Peach

Oprah Winfrey’s Shameful Comparison of Black Women’s Jim Crow Era Rape to that of Rich White Women’s #MeToo

In an imperfect world Oprah did a "good" job in her acceptance speech at The Golden Globe Awards. And for those who place worth in this madness, she was the lead story on every news outlet. Surely that helped her network and her international standing during a time when America looks like the fool she is.

I heard Oprah first say the name and then state that most of the Woman in that room never heard of this Black woman. I then heard her go on and accept the award on the condition that she could celebrate her mother and the other black woman that had been raped and abused for years and no one gave a good shit. I heard her to the best of her ability accept an award named after a man who had contempt for Black people. She reordered and flip the script for the business for the evening.

I heard Oprah making room and reminding this country and some of the richest White powerbroker females that America stands on the backs of Black unsung sheroes who spoke power to the truth when few listened. A week after the death of one of those trailblazers Oprah made her part of the ceremony. In that moment Oprah etched her story in the minds of the world. That was far more powerful than standing up there and crying, jumping up and down like a baffoon,or accepting an award for playing a pimp, drug dealer, et al.

Don’t come for Oprah! Come for the men and women in the Electronic and Print media who continue to demean the image of Black woman and men every night before of after the dinner hour.

Sincerely yours,

Lawrence “Larry” Watson

Founder of SaveOurSelves Productions LLC and

The H.E.M International Institute of Music, Xiamen China

Professor, Ensemble Department , Berklee College of Music

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