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Quincy you had your turn-Now it is our turn!

I found the Quincy Jones interview hilarious. When you may be close to death's door and you have done everything noble and freaky you can decide to "out" other people. So now we allegedly know that Marvin Gaye slept with Marlon Brando. Well Quincy who did you sleep with? Are those rumors true about Tevin Campbell and Al B. Sure ? Now if you would have spilled some of your trashy past that would have justified you ripping the veil down off the hypocrisy of Hollywood.

It is not news that Ringo Star was not the best drummer in the world. Nor is it news that the Beatles were not the greatest musicians. Little Richard had the chance to manage them and produce them and he turned them down because he saw them as some average white boys who probably would never make it. Then again Lauryn Hill was booed off the stage at the Apollo--so what is the point?

I met Mr. Quincy Jones once when he spoke at Harvard University back in the 90's. I yelled across the room and said " Qunicy!!! What about Dorothy Donegan? and he stopped turned around, told everyone to be quiet and said " She is the best in the world." Yes, he acknowledged that the great legendary jazz pianist Dorothy Donegan was better than all the men like Oscar Petterson and Herbie Hancock. He could have used this editorial space to further herald Dorothy Donegan and bring her to the attention of this generation of marginal musicians who do not know Dorothy Donegan's work or the Beatles.

There is no doubt that Mr. Quincy Jones is a genius. He has done it all including amass as many White women as humanly possible. His contempt and loathing of Black women is well documented by him in his first movie on his life. His alleged mentally ill Mother was so traumatic for him, he could never see a Black woman as attractive and so he screamed as in that book and ran away from them as he did his Mother when she was released from the mental institution.

Quincy try it again... And this time give us some of those juicy details of those late nights with you on the couches of those studios. I think it is time for Hollywood and icons like you to strike a blow for sexual freedom and openness about your casting couch.

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