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Shitholes And Sexual Misconduct: Signs Of a Time Not So Long Ago.

It is ironic when I awoke this morning feeling drained as I reflected on our current world, it emboldened face another day. I am literally scared for those who harbor negativity and turn their heads as hurting people are further crushed down by a system bent on correcting itself at the expense of the most vulnerable. Some of us with genuine power had delegated that authority to the most surface non-thinking robots who do whatever they are instructed to do.

I do not blame the meter attendants who see you walking to your car and still writes the ticket or the folks at the Motor Vehicles who sends a Mother with five children back home because she signed a form on the wrong line. This is the epitome of a bureaucracy.

However, when we are dealing with institutions intended to cultivate values, demonstrate equity and fairness, there is a moral and ethical obligation to think as well as act. The current atmosphere is feeding the cancer of fear and expediency. In many instances, it is racially and class motivated revictimizing groups of people without respecting due process.

Immigrants in this country labeled to be from "shithole" countries and men and women entangled in the confusion surrounding sexual misconduct et al are hastily being rounded up and tried in the public arena. We are reading the headlines but we do not seem to be sensitive or caring about the aftermath of what happens to the victim and the victimized.

The pendulum is swinging back to resemble something that feels like the days of rounding up Japenese American citizens and convicting young black boys for unthinkable acts on colorful words absent substantive facts.

As I am writing this piece I am being responsible. What comes out of my mouth, the mouth of the Commander in Chief, news reporters, and Personnel types can contribute to physical death, the death of the spirit, death of a career and those loved ones left to pick up the pieces when a family is discarded and broken up as politicians score points with their illiterate base. Shameful just shameful that so many of you in positions of alleged power remain silent or speak and walk softly while this is occurring.

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